Trend report S/S16: The 90's kid

by Laura Edman

There was a spirit of youth on the runways of S/S16, the youth I recognised. Nostalgic pieces from the collections of Tommy Hilfiger, Chanel and Alexander Wang. Looks such as crops tops, baggy jeans and statement hats are brought back. The trend that has been swept by on our feeds the past year and came as quickly as the Harlem Shake. Now it is hitting the runways, the 90’s kid is back!

Remember Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel ready-to-wear collection for S/SS 94? It was possibly the most incongruous for a long-established Paris fashion house. Baggy denim jeans with a bra-style top inspired by the Ragga girls combined with elegant cardigans. It was at the time fashion houses first adapted the subcultural styles to the runways. The impression created a modern look of high-street with luxury fashion, something that never had been seen before. Today the bond between fashion and street-wear are stronger than ever.

Today the Fashion industry can use the social medias to become more integrated into the adoption of culture. As social medias have made fashion and style more accessible than ever, trends can be communicated INSTA - ntaneously. 70 million photos and videos are being shared every day to 1.39 billion users, according to Facebook records 2014. Users can be inspired by such a wide range of people, friends, bloggers and celebrities that a magazine is no longer needed to be reported of the latest trends. 

The hashtag-trend #MYCALVINS, has made us want to wear the Calvin Klein underwear Kate Moss starred for the brand’s ads in the 90’s. Tattooist Lyle Tuttle famously tattooed the wrist of Janis Japlin and the tattoo became a symbol of women’s liberation in the 70’s. By the 90’s the torch of rebellion had taken up by celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Drew Barrymore who among many others displayed their tattoos. These days, the rise of celebrity tattoo artists, like Bang Bang NYC, has slowly taken over our feeds since high influential celebrities like Rihanna, Justin Bieber has got their body inked and Cara Delevingne sets the finger tattoo trend. At last, the social media it-girl Lily-Rose Depp who has attracted almost one million followers on Instagram with her cool presence on a 90’s girly-grunge look that we all want to adapt. 

Overall, the social media shows an impression of a 90’s kid lifestyle and NO filters is a must if your feed is as 90’s as possible.

From the original 90’s to Instagram to the Runway